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'A' Lots

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NumberNameMap Location
172 Allison South I-6
305 Rockwell I-5
310 Engineering J-6
315 Music K-5
320 Oval L-6
322 Industrial Science M-5
323 Laurel Hall M-5
325 Sage N-5
326 Spruce Drive N-5
328 Rembrandt M-6
335 Glenn Morris Field House N-7
338 Student Services M-9
345 Gibbons M-6
348 OT Annex M-6
350 Administrative West L-9
352 East Drive (Oval to University) M-9
354 West Drive L-9
380 Transit/Weather Station I-6
424 Mason Street (University to Pitkin) M-12
425 Library H-9
444 A Street M-10
445 General Services M-10
452 East Drive (University to Pitkin) L-10
455 Animal Science K-11
464 Education J-11
475 Aylesworth G-11
520 Gifford H-13
524 Mason Street (South of Pitkin) M-12
535 Anatomy/Zoology K-12
540 Physiology K-13
542 Environmental Health K-13
562 Central Recieving M-13
576 Book Storage M-10
605 Research and Dev Center M-4
610 University Service Center K-3
613 Howes Business Center L-3
615 UCA West N-9
620 UCA East Q-13
650 Alumni A-4
710 VTH North J-25